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Zephyr Teachout for Congress

Rural Roots, Grown Fearless

Zephyr Teachout for Congress

Zephyr Teachout grew up in a farming community just a few hours from Dutchess County, where she lives.

Zephyr is a national leader, speaking up against the corruption of our political system by special interests and big corporations. Just before running for Congress she was even writing a book about the small business economy. Now she is running for Congress to raise up the voices of people who have been shut out of the political process and bring those voices with her to Washington.

For her entire career Zephyr has been fighting for people who have been shut out– and gotten results. She was the first National Director of the Sunlight Foundation, a non-partisan organization that works to make Congress more open and transparent. After the crash of 2008, she helped start an organization to break up big banks who had become “too big to fail” and have damaged our small businesses.

To learn more, www.zephyrteachoutforcongress.com.

30 years… enough is enough.

A Plan to Help Small Businesses

Today we’re rolling out our independent business plan! When I’m in Congress, I’ll stand up against the monopolies for our local business owners and farmers.

What is Corrupt?

Zephyr Teachout: TED Talk at Binghamton University

According to the majority of the current Supreme Court, if an action isn’t punishable by a bribery statute, it’s not corruption. Corruption is a funny word, and this is a reasonable mistake to make at a dinner party. But it’s a disastrous mistake to make for American democracy, when the stakes are so high.