Town of Wawarsing/Village of Ellenville Slate for 2015

Theresa Hyatt for Wawarsing Town Council
John Gavaris for Wawarsing Town Council
Roxanne Shamro for Wawarsing Town Clerk
Jeffery Kaplan for Village of Ellenville Mayor
Raymond Younger for Village of Ellenville Trustee
Francisco Oliveras for Village of Ellenville Trustee

With elegant storefronts and the white-steeple churches so beloved within the small-town charm of the American imagination…

Ellenville has (for decades upon decades) provided a relaxing and easygoing pace for those who would journey into the heart of the country. With outdoor concerts, gorgeous scenery, and a wonderful selection of restaurants, Ellenville shares a quintessential American opportunity for fun to those in the know.

James Dolloway: ddolaway@hvc.rr.com

Town/Village of Ellenville: www.ellenvilleny.org