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“Honest representation for stronger communities.”

“I live in the real world, experiencing the challenges facing upstate New York along with the rest of my community. I see corrupt Albany politicians at the root of our problems. For me, elected office is about building community, not a profit margin.”

photo-saraniccoliSara Niccoli
New York State Senate, 46th District

Sara operates a 2nd-generation family farm with her husband, mother-in-law, and 13 year-old daughter. Sara will work to even the playing field for the small businesses, farmers, and workers who form the backbone of our community.

With a child in rural upstate schools, Sara’s family faces the challenges of over-testing and underfunding head-on. Sara will stand up for quality education for all students.

Too often, Sara sees residents threatened by crushing property taxes. Sara will work tirelessly to ensure that the State fulfills its obligations to our schools and communities.

As director of a not-for-profit, Sara fought for paid family leave, fair wages, and restoration of public school funding-and won. Sara will continue to fight and win on behalf of upstate New York.