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The Ulster County Democratic Party stands on the following principles, and everything that we do as your Democratic representatives should be based on these principles:

  • We believe diversity gives America strength.
  • We believe in the dignity of the individual and the enormous potential of collective action.
  • We believe in working constructively, for the benefit of all Ulster County citizens.
  • We believe in conserving our natural resources and protecting our environment.
  • We believe in open government, fully accessible to the public.
  • We believe in a strong, equitable public education system.
  • We believe in bridging our differences, not segregating and demeaning one another because of those differences.
  • We believe in fairness for working families and opportunity for enterprising people.
  • We believe that taxation should be fair and based upon the ability of the taxpayer to pay.
  • We believe that there is a strong role for an honest, open government that supports peoples’ lives and dreams.
  • We believe in caring for the needy, the sick, the disabled, the hungry and homeless, and the unemployed.

The Democratic Vision

  1. Honest Leadership & Open Government: We will end the Republican culture of corruption and restore a government as good as the people it serves.
  2. Real Security: We will protect Americans at home and lead the world by telling the truth to our troops, our citizens and our allies.
  3. Energy Independence: We will create a cleaner and stronger America by reducing our dependence on foreign oil and non-sustainable energy.
  4. Economic Prosperity & Educational Excellence: We will create jobs that will stay in America by restoring opportunity and driving innovation.
  5. A Healthcare System That Works for Everyone: We will join 36 other industrialized nations by making sure that everyone has access to affordable health care.
  6. Retirement Security: We will ensure that a retirement with dignity is the right and expectation of every single American.

Together, America Can Do Better