Election 2015 Checklist

  • Phone friends, family and neighbors and encourage them to vote.
  • Rally with the Gardiner Democratic Candidates and County Executive Mike Hein at the Gardiner Post Office on Saturday, October 31 from 9:00 am to 12:00 noon.
  • Call seniors and offer them a ride. Call parents with kids and offer to babysit so that they can vote.
  • Review the ballot below and become familiar with your choices. VOTE ROW A on Tuesday, November 3rd. Polls are open 6:00 am to 9:00 pm.
  • Elect Carl Zatz for Supervisor, Warren Wiegand and Laura Walls for Town Board, Tracey Bartels for Ulster County Legislature, Bruce Blatchly for Town Judge and Brian Stiscia for Highway Superintendent.

Your VOTE will help keep Gardiner a great place to live!

Election Update

Dear Fellow Democrats,

We’re proud of what Democrats have accomplished in Gardiner. They’re all great things that make Gardiner the community that it is. Here are some items that don’t make headlines, but resonate throughout the entire town:

  • The Pilgrim Pipeline and their lobbyists promise a pipeline with crude coursing through the Hudson Valley: David Dukler brought this bad news to the Town Board and delivered a resolution the Town Board could adopt.
  • Carl Zatz is speaking with Central Hudson to convert all of the town’s mercury vapor and HPSV lights to LED: less energy, no maintenance, real cost savings.
  • Warren Wiegand discovered the Town had for many years been investing poorly in legacy reserve accounts: he’s delivered a plan to effectively reverse that trend.
  • Zatz negotiates with Time Warner’s behemoth monopoly to get every child, every home office and every family high speed broadband.
  • Wiegand pulls a Henry Kissinger and secretly meets with DeNiro’s attorney and negotiates the only settlement that made headlines and benefits the town: he got it all.
  • For 13 years, Zatz has written all the content and information posted on Facebook, the town’s website and the email blasts: ongoing, timely and informative.
  • Our Democratic team is working with regional groups to create biking trails, walking paths and a disc golf course in Majestic Park’s wooded areas that will make the Wallkill River a key part of the park.
  • Warren Wiegand headed up the Gardiner Library’s Capital Campaign fundraising effort: the committee raised $800K from more than 42% of Gardiner’s residents.
  • Candidate Laura Walls brings a resume of her own accomplishments and service to the community: former Gardiner Town Supervisor, Deputy Ulster County Comptroller, President of the New Paltz Board of Education and owner of a community development company.
  • County Legislator Tracey Bartels passed the polystyrene ban and prevented the improper warrant checks at county buildings. County taxes have been reduced because of her hard work.

Congratulations are in order to all the Democratic candidates. None engaged in negative campaigning nor responded to fabrications or blatant lies. Your Democratic candidates’ strategy was to run solely on their accomplishments. And they will continue to do so.

Come out and vote Row A on November 3rd. Keep Gardiner a great place to live.

Thank you for your support.

Gardiner Democratic Committee


From top left clockwise, Carl Zatz for Town Supervisor; David Dukler for Town Board, Bob Rich for Town Justice; Brian Stiscia for Highway Superintendent; Michelle Mosher for Town Clerk; Tracey Bartels for Ulster County Legislature; Laurie Willow for Town Board

• Maintaining Fiscal Responsibility Through Smart Planning
• Preserving Open Space
• Improving The Town
• Continuing Efficient Good Government

Invitation: “An Afternoon in Paradise” (click here)

Mike Kruglinksi

Gardiner Democratic Committee