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Pamela B. Krimsky

Candidate for Ulster County Legislator, District 9 (Lloyd & Platekill):

Pam Krimsky for Ulster cCounty Legislator

A letter from Pamela Krimsky:

I am Pamela Krimsky, the Democratic Candidate for Ulster County Legislator, District 9. This district includes about half of Highland and parts of Plattekill.

Born in New York City, I have one son. Trained as a painter, in the late 70’s, I fell in love with the Hudson River Valley, and began living and working here. In 2007, I settled in Highland. Since then, I have been very active politically and in 2014, began serving on the Town of Lloyd Democratic Committee.

I believe our community badly needs jobs which pay a living wage, not the minimum wage, jobs with benefits. We also need training for these jobs. I believe a good government is responsible to work towards full and productive employment. And, I also believe transparency in government is vital to moving this system towards one which works for everybody.

The photo is from February 2017, taken at a public forum I organized on Single Payer Healthcare at the Family Partnership in Poughkeepsie. My guests were Dr. Fabio Danisi, the Head of Neurology at Mid-Hudson Regional Hospital, who was present, and Katie Robbins, Executive Director of Physicians for a National Health Plan, who zoomed in and answered questions from attendees. Single Payer is now moving forward. Changes often require years of effort from those people working towards it.

Pamela B. Krimsky for Ulster County Legislator
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