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Michael MacIsaac

Candidate for Ulster County Legislator, District 1

Michael MacIsaac

Michael MacIsaac was born in Saugerties and grew up in Ulster County. He attended grade school at St Joseph’s in Kingston, attended Coleman High School for the first year, then moved to CT and attended a Catholic High School.

After high school, he enlisted in the United States Marine Corps, and was educated and served as a radio repairman. He majored in Computer Science at Northeastern University in Boston, graduating Magna Cum Laude. During that time, he dated and later married his lovely wife Deborah.

In 1987 he was hired by IBM in Kingston where his father had worked for many years. After IBM Kingston closed, he worked in Poughkeepsie for many more years and now works for ADP in NJ, leading development and operations on mainframes (still manufactured in the Hudson Valley).

Michael and Deborah have with three children in Saugerties High School and SUNY colleges. The family has lived in Saugerties on Old Kings Highway since 1993.

Michael has served his country and community as a United States Marine, a Saugerties School Board member, an AYSO soccer coach, a Habitat for Humanity volunteer, an “IBM Engineers Week” leader and as a Boy Scout leader.


Each issue on its own merit.
l believe that each and every issue that arises in Ulster County must be studied well and then analyzed on its own merit. Once each legislator does that, parties and politics can come in to play. If elected, I will focus on the issues first.

Affordable home ownership and senior housing
Young families need to be able to afford to buy a house. Conversely, senior citizens often need to be able to get out of a private home and in to affordable housing. I will work toward this goal. Legislators should work to foster a cooperative environment in which developers, municipalities and the county work together for affordable housing.

Fire training center
All firefighting professionals and volunteers are in agreement that a fire training center is needed in our county. I support that proposal. The county needs to do proper research and planning to make sure the correct location is chosen. I will support finding the best location for the Fire training center in Ulster County.

Memorializing Resolutions
A “Memorializing Resolution” is when a government body votes on an issue, so as to take a stand, even though it doesn’t have jurisdiction over it. Recently the Ulster County legislature voted to ban Memorializing Resolutions. I disagree with that and would vote to overturn it. While I agree that the majority of the time and effort of legislators should focus on issues that the county does have control over, I don’t agree with a law that limits a body’s freedom of speech.

Better broadband access
In today’s society, access to the Internet is critical. Slow or unreliable network connections should not be acceptable. I will work towards faster and more affordable Internet access for all Ulster County residents.